Whether it's your first time diving into self branding or maybe you just feel like your branding could use a makeover, either way, I've got you covered.

Perhaps your branding is on point but you need someone to help get your ideas and brand out there for your fans to see.

No matter where you are in this journey together we can create beautiful branded merchandise to enhance that brand without it costing an arm and a leg!

Because Great Branding Really Is Self Expression At It's Finest!

GM On Brand Merchandise Design focuses on helping Artists, Influencers & Small Businesses transform their brand from a message to a movement through High quality Custom branded Merchandise. 

What better way to express yourself & present your brand than by creating fun, functional products that your fans, audience & Customers will LOVE?

With GM On Brand Merchandise Design we make it fun & easy to

earn passive income and truly impact your audience because, think about it,

when you have merchandise you automatically create STATUS.


At The End Of The Day It's All About What I Can Do For You.

  • Collaborative effort to pin down your brand and what exactly it is you represent.

  • Logo, Brand Board, Business Card, Stationary & Label Design

  • The easiest most cost effective way to create passive income by getting your branded merchandise into the hands of your fans & followers without having to buy product up front.

  • Researched, Educated Pairing with Wholesale, Print on Demand, Label & Stationary suppliers that are the best fit for you and your needs.

  • A fast, easy, inexpensive way to create your own branded website complete with your own custom URL.

  • And a whole lot more!

  • Lauryn- Elephant Oasis

    This was such a fun experience that I really wish I would have found out about sooner!

    I love seeing my big beautiful girl's footprints & kisses on so many awesome items.

    Her fans love it too.

  • Bridget- Birdies Bistro

    When I bought my food truck I really wanted to be professional right off the bat, also a food truck is all about your following!

    Creating a logo & professional uniforms was something I didn't believe I could do on my own, Thanks Genessa for helping me with the fine tuning as I made my dream became a reality.

  • Joshlyn- Sun, Moon, Beads

    Genessa was AWESOME. I told her that I wanted a logo, gave her the base idea for it and she came back with an awesome final product! I will definitely be calling her again. I love my logo and my customers tell me how nice it looks!-Sun Moon Beads