Just A Mama Trying To Make A Change For The Better...

Hey There,

     I am Genessa Marie, solo Mom to my favorite sidekick ever, a 9 yr old little boy who keeps my world turning and makes every day an adventure. I mostly work from home building a wonderful life for myself & my son while trying to help others to do the same. We are blessed to spend our days in a beautiful little town in southern California nestled between the ocean and the mountains.  

     I was raised in a large family, the youngest of 7 + 20 nieces &nephews! When I was 2 my parents, with the help of my older siblings, started a family owned & operated clothing company, Hearts Delight. They make clothing most commonly sold/worn at renaissance festivals all across the country. All of the clothing was made in the back of our little boutique in the downtown shopping area of Ventura, Ca.

     By the time I was 7 my oldest siter was traveling full time with the business and we began spending our summers at the Bristol Renaissance Festival in Kenosha, WI. Over time my family's company grew to have shops at Renaissance Faires/Festivals in 23 states nation wide. we still make all of our clothing in Ventura, Ca it just has its own studio now & our boutique is mush larger.

     For the first 16 years of my adult life I traveled full time with my family's business. Honestly, I thought it's what I would do for the rest of my life. As the seasons change, so did life & so did I and eventually it wasn't my passion any more so I stepped away. Although, anyone who has lived the faire life knows, once it's in your blood you can never really leave. I still love renaissance festivals, the amazing artists there and dressing people in my family's clothing. I still love to go spend the time with my family and participate at festivals here & there when I'm able to.

     Having been raised and coming to find myself in such a bold & inclusive lifestyle I believe strongly in embracing the things that make you different & staying true to yourself. I love art, music & singing a little too loud (probably off key, but that’s ok). I love laughter, individuality, bravery, kindness, standing out, and encouraging others to be their favorite version of themselves every day... beautifully, boldly, & unapologetically strong. I also feel that enjoying a hot cup of coffee is the fastest way to bring inner peace & joy to the depths of your soul ;) 

       I fell in love with graphic design while trying to promote an MLM Hemp/CBD business. In doing so I found that I have a passion for creating designs such as those you see in my shop and with the encouragement of my sisters I decided to see if others would be as excited about them as me. I love helping others build the confidence to embrace & express themselves in the best ways possible. Thus, I now provide freelance services for Branding, Logo design, Branded Merchandise Design, as well as custom products for your next event!