Hello & Welcome to Lady G Marketing.

Lady G Marie Boutique, previously Hep Chick Boutique, started out as Just me trying to find a fun way to promote my online MLM CBD business which led me to my true passion of Merchandise Design! This came at a time in my life when I was searching for something that really made me feel alive again.

I started out only creating products that support the use of CBD, Hemp and well... Cannabis products in general as i feel very strongly that in most situations, but definitely not all, the earth can heal us.

At some point creating these promotional items lit my soul on fire and I allowed myself to create images that share a piece of myself. My designs either make me laugh, stir the fire in my soul or just, in some way, represent me and my beliefs in the hope that others will feel connected and represented by them as well.

With the exception of the 'Hilda, Clumsily Inspiring' collection all of the designs are my own or, in some obvious instances, a collage of my work and some unlicensed images scrupulously hunted down on the inter-webs.

When It comes to Hilda I just hated that finding quality merchandise with her images was so difficult. I have always felt like she was my doppelganger & after much hefty online digging I learned that she was sadly under played in the merchandise department so I decided to take matters into my own hands. To put my own spin on it I add little bits of inspirations & motivational words to every Hilda image I publish.

In addition to Lady G Marie Boutique I also Created GM Merchandise Design. Here, I help artists, influencers, & small Businesses to create logos, branding and/or beautifully branded designs & merchandise to offer to their own audiences.

For Inquiries, custom designs, to make a specific product request or to learn more about me and my graphic design, branding & merchandise design services, click on the 'Chat With Us' link to send me a message... I don't know who the "Us" is though, it's just me, lol.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website & have a wonderful day :)